Curtis Keyes

curtis keyes2Mr. Keyes is president and founder of Marine Management Insurance Brokers, Inc. (MMIB) and International Cargo Loss Prevention, Inc. (ICLP). He started both of these companies in 1983, based on his previous work focusing on providing loss prevention services to marine insurers in the worldwide insurance market.

In the late 70’s Mr. Keyes chose to specialize in understanding food regulatory agencies in the USA, i.e. FDA and USDA and later studied the food regulatory systems in place in the EU, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. MMIB acts as a specialized underwriting agent empowered by two first class insurers, Allianz and XL Marine Group Companies, to insure seafood, meat and other foodstuff shipments against food regulatory interventions, known as detention, refusal and seizure events which emanate from food safety interventions. As such, Mr. Keyes works with many global seafood importers and directly with foreign seafood processors in designing specialized coverage to insure shipments against transportation and food regulatory interventions as a product moves forward in the supply chain.

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Roy Palmer

roy palmerI entered the seafood industry in 1972 and since then I have traveled extensively gaining an understanding of global issues relevant to seafood.

Qualified trainer with seafood qualifications and consultant; I work for a number of organizations through my consultancy and write for a number of magazines, etc.

Having a good working knowledge of Commercial fishing, Fisheries, and Aquaculture and being experienced in all post-harvest activities I am in regular demand to present at Conferences, events, etc.

I am a believer in continuous improvement and in collaboration and always striving for innovative ways to improve our industry. I have taken a lead role with the Association of International Seafood Professionals and I am very proud to be leading Aquaculture without Frontiers, which is simply fantastic work done by many volunteers who share their skills, knowledge and time to improve conditions for the poor who are struggling with hunger and malnutrition.

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Jacoby Thwaites

jacoby smJacoby was until 2002 CEO of UK software company Michaelhouse which developed and sold systems to global insurers such as Prudential and QBE. In 2006 he co-founded mash-up pioneer Teqlo Inc in California; then joined core engineering at Google where he was responsible for AdSense Engineering in London until 2011. In 2012 he founded SPARKL in the UK to develop and market the amazing new SPARKL Sequencing Engine technology.

His focus is now on building online communities and learning systems using the latest technologies. By bringing different components together (such as open source PHP and Javascript tools and software), he looks to build new platforms which help meet various business needs.

Jim Hurd

jim hurdJim Hurd builds powerful strategic alliances - for the last fourteen years - for major public-private partnerships and for leading start-up companies. He builds these alliances for start-ups with Fortune 100 corporations, with investors and sovereign funds and with government innovation initiatives.   Jim is active between Silicon Valley and Beijing on leading US - China cleaner energy initiatives since 2005.   He was on the 2010 Energy Faculty of Singularity University, based in Mountain View, CA.  Jim works with Senators, Congressmen and their staffers on Capitol Hill to develop technology and innovation initiatives.  Jim has been a first and second round judge for the 2007 - 2009 World Bank Development Gateway Awards in Washington, DC and has actively participated in the scale-up of technologies for developing countries since 2002.

Leslie R. Katz

leslieLeslie R. Katz focuses on government law and policy, including energy, telecommunications, blockchain, and other emerging technologies. She helps optimize the political, legal, community and business contexts in which her clients operate. Her ability to provide strategic counsel, for startups to Fortune 500 companies and public entities, comes from her diverse experiences in the public and private sectors. Recent work has included representing consumer distribution and technology operations in blockchain and cryptocurrency, a hedge fund for cryptocurrencies and multiple constituents, including start-ups, industry leaders, and technology arms in various emerging technologies, including Smart Cities.

She is a former member of the Board of Supervisors for the City and County of San Francisco, serving as chair and/or vice chair of numerous committees. As a board member, Leslie drafted and helped pass significant legislation related to technology, the environment, economic development, labor and human rights. She was also elected to the San Francisco Community College Board of Trustees and has served on the Port Commission of San Francisco. Leslie also served as the regional vice president of regulatory affairs for a Fortune 250 energy-services company and held executive roles with several technology companies.

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Keith Meeks

kiethmeeksKeith Meeks is the President & CEO of Global Food Technologies, Inc., a food safety research and development company, and iPura, the World’s first food safety brand.  The Company focuses on microbial interventions on raw food products during production and for sanitation of food contact surfaces. Sustainable processes include SonoSteam which kills pathogens with a quick burst of steam and ultrasound, requiring no chemicals. Systems have been developed for seafood, chicken, and eggs, with other food projects under development.  In 2008, Mr. Meeks completed course work in International Food Laws from Michigan State University, the College of Agriculture & Natural Resources, and the Institute for Food Laws & Regulations.


paul vanderheijden crop smDuring his academic research positions based on his degrees in botany & biochemistry, Paul was already attracted to business and good governance. He changed towards organizational development and management positions as advisor/head organization at Dutch Post.

Triggered by his entrepreneurial nature, he started with professionals his SME in management consultancy; training and interim management. Transition management was the competitive edge.

As part of his personal development, he took an Executive MBA in NL, F, the USA where his global approach emerged.
Thrived by strong beliefs in profitability of sustainable business and due to his personal development Paul retreated from this industry and initiated new companies in PR China, Indonesia, Europe; Companies with a strong emphasis on development, sustainable - & system innovation.

In his global NEO positions at advisory boards with emphasis on ‘green economy’ and the seafood industry, he contributes to business development with emphasis on transparency, innovative approaches, and good governance. And last but not least: the global younger generations. Our Common Future.
+1 800-832-9208

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