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SPARKL technology is the central hub in our system. It allows all existing programs and applications to integrate into one unified interface providing a seamless transfer of data in real-time. Coordinate across systems, devices, and the Internet of Things.

  • One easy to use interface to manage data

  • Provides regulators and customs with real-time info on product warranty

  • Produces tamper-proof audit trail

  • Allows connection to BlockChain

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Association of International Seafood Professionals (AISP)

The dynamic markets of the seafood industry require balance with the critical need to stay up-to-date on practices, trends, product knowledge and regulatory requirements.

AISP is a professional association representing individuals and organizations from all sectors of the global seafood industry.

Through the Earth Twine partnership with AISP, we have established a Community of Practice (CoP) for all seafood professionals. The community will serve as a vehicle to, support the membership by building the capacity of individuals, it's organizations and the industry.

Together, we are focused on integrating a quickly evolving technology called Stratis into our work, specifically blockchain, peer-to-peer smart contracts and finance of industry resources and projects.

Earth Twine is partnered with the Association of International Seafood Professionals (AISP) to work together to fulfill this need in seafood.

Supply Chain Software

Compliance software that lets you sleep at night.

  • Easy to use, mobile interface that lets you track your product from boat to purchaser Integrates with GS1 barcode standards and opens the door to the ‘Internet of Things’ and real-time data
  • Assures regulatory compliance and avoid fines, delays and customer loss
  • You maintain access and ownership of your data to strengthen and build your business


We're now moving into a new era which promises to have a broader and deeper impact across all aspects of our lives including social and business structure, economy, and manufacturing. 

Utilizing the blockchain allows all these actors to communicate in a trusted way. This leaves an audit trail that is open to all. Building trust will be key in the future of the seafood industry as consumers become increasingly aware of who is responsible for what is on their plates.

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