Curtis Keyes

Curtis Keyes

Mr. Keyes is president and founder of Marine Management Insurance Brokers, Inc. (MMIB) and International Cargo Loss Prevention, Inc. (ICLP). He started both of these companies in 1983, based on his previous work focusing on providing loss prevention services to marine insurers in the worldwide insurance market.

In the late 70’s Mr. Keyes chose to specialize in understanding food regulatory agencies in the USA, i.e. FDA and USDA and later studied the food regulatory systems in place in the EU, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. MMIB acts as a specialized underwriting agent empowered by two first class insurers, Allianz and XL Marine Group Companies, to insure seafood, meat and other foodstuff shipments against food regulatory interventions, known as detention, refusal and seizure events which emanate from food safety interventions. As such, Mr. Keyes works with many global seafood importers and directly with foreign seafood processors in designing specialized coverage to insure shipments against transportation and food regulatory interventions as a product moves forward in the supply chain.

Mr. Keyes works throughout global seafood market and has spent his entire professional life managing different aspects of food safety violations. He has lent his insight into the insurance industry and the seafood industry as Earth Twine has developed its model, team and integrated its technology. He supports the goal of improving the Seafood industry supply chain by implementing innovative technology such as blockchain, IoT and AI in reducing fraud and improving the quality of the seafood provided by global trade

Mr. Keyes is a graduate of Ohio State University and majored in Political Science as an undergraduate, and studied international business and finance in OSU’s MBA program, completing his formal education in 1975. Subsequently and through commercial practice, Mr. Keyes became deeply involved in the fields of admiralty law and food regulatory law. He has orchestrated more than (1500) appeals before the FDA and has handled hundreds of recovery actions in the field of admiralty law. Mr. Keyes has been a columnist for the American Seafood Institute Report and the Global Aquaculture Advocate, has testified before a Senate subcommittee on surface transportation and merchant marine in support of revisions to the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act. Mr. Keyes sponsored, researched and filed a Brief Amicus Curia, in the name of International Cargo Loss Prevention, Inc. in support of respondents; James N. Kirby, Pty. Ltd and Allianz Australia Limited, in the Supreme Court of the United States in May, 2004.
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